The Cult of Q

Q Anon is quite possible the most amazing cult ever. Why? Because it's the first cult to originate and propagate online. Believers swear it's NOT a cu...View Details

Under Trump, the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, American Militia Movement, and Q-Anon believers have found unity. But do they really pose a threat? I feel...View Details

I picked up a great book called the Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided By Politics and Religion. It's filled will all sorts of great case stu...View Details

In this episode, I discuss some of the factors that cause people in groups to behave in irrational and violent ways.

In this episode, I rant about how the candidates you elect are bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists who work to push the agenda of their clients...View Details

Carrying on with the discussion of agenda setting and how politicians all get benefits from their political. It's a dirty corrupt world out there in W...View Details

I recorded this short essay I wrote. At least, I think it's an essay. I don't remember what an essay is because I'm a stupid American.

Ignorance in America

Are you not wearing a mask because of your political affiliation? Apparently, that seems to be the case. How will America ever stop sucking if this is...View Details

Humans evolved into hunter-gathers over a hundreds of thousands of years. Since we've developed farming and agriculture, we haven't evolved much but o...View Details

With everything going on, I felt compelled to get back on here and start talking about some of it. Hang on cuz I'm just getting warmed up again. 

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