Why would a so-called conservative president be worried about a governement agency? Isn't that the goal of Republicans? Less government involvement in...View Details

Sooooo... I was able to finally convince Anonymous Brittany to come back with the intent of discussing relationships. Unfortunately, we got into the f...View Details

First of all, if you're born with a penis you're a man. Also, there was another unarmed civilian shot dead by the Court of Cops in Sacramento. Sad, ye...View Details

I'm tired of debating every little detail of the fucked up country we're living in. It's pretty obvious that they are symptoms of a collapsing once-gr...View Details

I strayed from my norm and tried dating a liberal. It was every bit as horrible as one could expect. Also, Calfornia was ranked Worst Living Condition...View Details

I'm not willing to wait another 40 years to retire. I want to be lazy now! As such, my new goal is to save enough to retire at 50 and basically be a b...View Details

Friday, I went to a reggae show and got entirely too high to function. This is the story of how my night ended before it began. 

Being known as somewhat of an asshole isn't always a bad thing. Not if it means you stand up for your beliefs, stand up for yourself, and don't hurt a...View Details

At nearly 2.25% of our entire population, our state bureaucracy is our largest employer. But they are also inefficient and ineffective. If a private b...View Details

I'm starting to wonder why the media (mainstream and social) is so intent on creating so much divisivness. Based on historical figures, we're long ove...View Details

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